Using contstrain() to limit servo values

After fiddling around with my dysfunctional, bloated Servo limit function, I decided to scrap it entirely and go with something else that was more intuitive. I knew that there must be something that would serve my purposes without using a bunch of if statements and switch statements. As it turns out—that function was constrain(). It’s really easy to use if you have specific functions to adjust their respective servos. Here’s how I did it:

void Plane::Aileron(byte desiredDir, int increase) {
  int deg;
  switch(desiredDir) {     
  case RIGHT:  
      deg =;
      deg = constrain(deg, minAileronServoLimit, maxAileronServoLimit);

  case LEFT:

In this case, I calculate the original servo command, constrain it to my 2 global variables, minAileronServoLimit and maxAileronServoLimit, and then Servo.write() the resulting integer.